Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene FAQs

Is the Dental Hygiene program offered at the VCDH Accredited?

YES, the Dental Hygiene Program offered at the VCDH has been granted Accreditation by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada.

What is the difference between an Accredited vs. Non Accredited Dental Hygiene Program in Canada?

Students that graduate from an Accredited Dental Hygiene Program in Canada automatically will be granted permission to write the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board Exam with the NDHCB.  Since VCDH is an accredited institution with the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada this allows students to write their board exam up to four months prior to the completion of the program.

Once the student successfully passes the National Examination, they can apply for their license with the College of Dental Hygienist’s of British Columbia or the province of choice.

In addition, because VCDH is an accredited institution it allows the students to also write the National Board examination in the USA.

A Non Accredited Institution graduate must successfully pass the National Board exam (written) and also complete a practical examination held by the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia. There are additional fees associated with completing the practical exam.

Are there fees associated with writing the NDHCB exam?

Yes, there is a fee associated with writing the NDHCB exam and is the full responsibility of the student separate of the fees payable to the VCDH for the dental hygiene program.

How long is the Dental Hygiene Program offered at the VCDH?

The Dental Hygiene Program offered at the VCDH is only 18.5 months (76 weeks) in duration.

Why is the Dental Hygiene Program only 18 months at VCDH?

VCDH does not take summer vacations off. The Dental Hygiene program consists of four semesters with only one week off in between. Students find this system to work best for their needs. The advantages to this is that students can complete their program up to 6 months earlier than other programs, students do not forget how to study in between time off and the graduate can commence their career sooner.

Do we receive a certificate or a diploma once we complete the program at the VCDH?

Upon successfully completing the program offered at the VCDH, the graduate will receive an Official Diploma from the dental hygiene program.

Does the program offer any scheduled breaks and or holidays?

The dental hygiene program runs continuous for the 18.5 months. There are one week breaks given in between the 4 semesters to the students, therefore 3 weeks in total. If the program runs during the Christmas holidays, then the students will be given the time off in and around Christmas and New Year’s. Students prefer this continuous program because they believe that if they have committed themselves to studying, then they would rather go straight thru the program and finish so that they can commence their career as a dental hygienist sooner.

What is the cost of the program offered at the VCDH?

The total program cost is $39,100.00. This includes everything from tuition, textbooks, insurance, instruments and clinical fees.

What method of payment is accepted for the tuition fees?

The VCDH only accepts certified cheque and/or money orders for tuition payments.

Are there any hidden fees that we should be aware of at the VCDH?

There are no hidden fees at the VCDH. We believe that the student should know what their financial situation is well in advance so that they can prepare themselves for the financial commitment of the dental hygiene program.

What is the admission process?

The applicant must fill out an application form and must successfully achieve a 70% or higher on the entrance exam in order to be granted an interview. During the interview, the student will be asked a series of questions to determine if the student can communicate, comprehend the English language, determine the applicants knowledge about the profession, determine the applicants attitude as well to determine if the individual will be most likely to succeed in this program.

Is there a fee associated with the admission process?

No! The admission process is FREE!

What should I expect on the Entrance Examination?

The entrance examination is a multiple choice examination. It includes basic English questions, reading comprehension, basic biology, spatial relation questions.

Spatial relation type questions can be found in the DAT books that Dentists may study from prior to getting accepted into the dentistry program. The section on basic biology is equivalent to Grade 12 science which is offered in most high schools.

How many students are accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program?

There are 52 students that are accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program.

When the students participate in the theory portion of the program, all students are taught together to ensure consistency in a lecture format. Whereas, whenever there is clinical or hands on component, the students are split up into two groups of 26 students. In the clinic, there is a 1 to 6 teacher to student ratio.

The VCDH clinic environment has 26 dental chairs to ensure that each student has use of their own dental chair during their clinical studies. In addition the students have an additional 5 dental chairs for their Radiology labs (X-ray). 

What are the University Pre-requisites that are required prior to entering into the dental hygiene program?

There are six University pre-requisites that are required prior to entering into the dental hygiene program offered at the VCDH. They are as follows:

6 Chemistry with Lab credits
6 First Year Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab credits
6 First Year Psychology credits
6 First Year English credits
3 First Year Statistics credits
3 Elective credits

Where can I get these credits?

The VCDH has no preference as to where your credits are achieved as long as they are University transfer courses.

How many dental chairs does your facility have?

The Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene has 26 fully operational dental chairs which includes 6 digital radiographic units within the clinic. This allows each student access to their own dental chair.

What average do I need to obtain for my University course?

The Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene only requires that the individual has received their University Credits with a passing grade.

What is the passing grade when I am enrolled at VCDH Dental Hygiene Program?

Once the student is enrolled into the Dental Hygiene Program, they must achieve a 70% average in order to be successful in their program. In addition the Radiology Lab component must be successfully passed by achieving 80%.

Why are the standards set so high at the VCDH?

The Dental Hygiene standards at VCDH have been set high so that our graduates are well prepared for the National Board examination.

The success rate of VCDH students on the National Board Examination is above the national average. VCDH is proud of this achievement!

In addition, VCDH wants to ensure that the graduate is competent and feels comfortable when they complete the program and commence working as a dental hygienist. 

How is it different if I attend the Dental Hygiene Program in Ontario?

There are many provinces and or states that require the students to have their first year university transfer courses. If a student attends the dental hygiene program at the TCDHA in Ontario, then the student is not required to take their first year university transfer courses prior to applying. In Ontario, the Dental Hygiene Programs are considered direct entry programs, meaning that the applicant can apply directly from high school and does not need any pre-requisites.

The student would attend the dental hygiene program and once successfully completing the program would be offered an official diploma from the accredited program. The individual would then be required to write the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board Exam and pass.

The graduate could register within Ontario to get their Dental Hygiene Registration or they could return to their province or state and apply for their dental hygiene registration in the province that they would like to practice.

Does Ontario offer the Local Anesthetic course?

No. In Ontario, local anesthetic in not a course that is required to be taken since dental hygienists in Ontario cannot practice this procedure. Therefore, if the graduate is returning to a province that this is a requirement, then the student would still be allowed to register and practice in the province. However, they would be given a certain period of time (approximately 2 years ) to complete a local anesthetic course.

How do I get additional information?

Call Today to speak to one of our Admission Coordinators (604) 215-7611 or toll free at 1-800-457-3189